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3" 304ss Pie cut - Tight Radius- 1.6mm wall - 5pcs (90°total)

Bend Brothers

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Bend Brothers 3" 304ss Pie Cut's are Precision cut, ultrasonically cleaned, individually sealed pie cut pieces ready to weld out of the packet. Designed with the fabricator in mind each piece is cut, deburred, pickled, quality checked, ultrasonically cleaned & finally hand packed in Australia. Why waste valuable time and money creating your own pie cut pieces when we can do all the cutting, prepping & cleaning for you. it's as simple as open the packet then get back to fabricating..



Product: 3" 304ss 90°Tight Radius Bend Pack 

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Cut Angle: 9° Per Side 18° Total

Total Quantity: 5pcs

What you get: 5 Pie pieces packed & sealed ready to weld straight from the package.


Why ours ?


•304 SS, 1.6mm wall thickness

•Precision cut to .05mm tolerance

•Each piece undergoes a rigorous  deburring process.

•Quality inspection

•Then a final pickling process for a premium quality finished product.

Our aim is to provide a high quality product that takes away the hefty cost of time that is involved in cutting, Cleaning & prepping each individual pie cut your self

The potential material loss from self cut slices

And It all so removes the need for a band saw or other precision cutting equipment.

Best of all it's shipped straight to your door!



3" 304ss Pie cut - Tight Radius- 1.6mm wall - 5pcs (90°total) | Bend Brothers ...