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Flex Bellow

Flex Bellows | Exhaust Flex Joint

Titanium & 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Flex Bellows / Flexible Joints Flexible Bellow or Flex Joint

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Find Your Ideal Exhaust Flex Pipe

We at Bend Brothers have seen that you need a reliable way to source quality auto exhaust supplies for all sorts of mechanical and industrial work, especially with performance vehicles. It's just not practical to search for months before waiting several more months while a part ships. Finding quality parts such as an exhaust flex pipe or an exhaust clamp should not be this hard when cars are so common nowadays. The parts may be out there, but if someone cannot reliably source them, they're no good to you or any other car owner. Read More

That someone sourcing reliably is us. We find rarer or foreign parts to make exhaust pipes available for sale across Australia, NZ, and North America. If you need a custom part, we can source that from quality producers too. If you're a fellow company looking for someone to source for you, we can hel. We at Bend Brothers are experts at finding components for a variety of industries, especially vehicle modification. If there is any auto exhaust supplies we don't currently stock, let us know; the odds are good that we'll find it for you more efficiently than most. You're in good hands with us while searching for your flexible exhaust pipe.

How to Choose a Flex Hose for Exhaust Systems of All Kinds

A flex hose for exhaust systems simply serves to minimise vibrations to important parts of your exhaust system. Still, that doesn't mean that any flex hose will fit anywhere. Some are built to fit in certain parts of the system, while others would not be able to handle the duress. It's important to know which flex pipe can go where based on certain factors.

  • Pressure:If you need a flexible exhaust pipe somewhere near the start of your exhaust system, you'll need a part that withstands high pressure. Not all flex joints are suited for high pressure. Some are designed to be near the end of the system, alongside the catalytic converter, where pressure drops off considerably. Some are not designed for high-performance, which also involves higher pressure. The wrong exhaust flex pipe will quickly warp and degrade, which will cost more in the long run.
  • Heat:With high pressure comes heat as well. As a rule, your flex hose for exhaust should be more heat-resistant the closer to the start of the system it is. As you approach the engine, temperatures get higher and higher. So, depending on the vehicle's performance level, you'll want to choose a flexible exhaust pipe strong enough to resist heat but malleable enough to still dampen vibrations.
  • Road Conditions:Your exhaust flex pipe needs will be higher grade if you expect to be driving on rougher terrain. Bumpy roads and off-road driving produce far more vibration. For these, a typical braided flex pipe would break down very quickly. Lined flex pipes are generally stronger.

Contact Us for Custom Jobs and Enquiries Regarding Your Flexible Exhaust Pipe

We're happy to work with you to find the exact part you need, be it an exhaust flex pipe, an exhaust pipe bend or a 2 1/2 inch exhaust clamp. You can reach us using the short form under "Contact Us." Trust us: We'll find what you're looking for. Read Less