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Why are Auto Exhaust Supplies So Hard to Find in Australia?

Well, they are, and they aren't, so there are two answers to this question.

True, you can walk around your local shopping centre till the cows come home and not find the car exhaust parts you want, and they may be hard to find because so many manufacturers of automotive equipment are not Australian. On the other hand, the country is full of imported items in other spheres of business. Auto exhaust supplies, though, can be a problem anywhere, to the extent that some people decide what make of car they're going to buy based on how easy it is to get spares - and how long it's going to take.

But actually, they are not hard to find - if you know where to look. And you're here now; you've found Bend Brothers, so let's see how we can help you. Read More

Bend Brothers As Your Trusted Auto Exhaust Supplier

Finding the right car exhaust supplies parts can be a headache if you rely on mainstream auto dealers because, understandably, they stock what they're going to need and if your requirements are a bit more specialized, you're probably out of luck. Bend Bros are specialists in this area. We are auto exhaust suppliers and have a huge amount of knowledge about car exhaust parts. Great service, the best products and fair prices, that's how we conduct our business, and it's why we have quickly acquired such an excellent reputation.

We supply the motorsport industry with high-quality components from exhaust band clamps and honeycomb snorkel endcaps to titanium fasteners, and more unique products such as exhaust pipe bends and flexible exhaust pipes. To the uninitiated, it must seem like we're speaking a different language, but you know what we're talking about and there are people like you everywhere from Alice Springs to Albuquerque and Tasmania to Tanzania.

Why Do We Deal in Auto Exhaust Parts?

We are in the business as providers of auto exhaust supplies because we're car enthusiasts ourselves and we know what it's like to find yourself one part short of a solution. We know the frustration of going to someone who claims to be a car exhaust supplies company but only carries the obvious stuff. So, to help ourselves and our fellow enthusiasts, we did a lot of digging, made a lot of phone calls and found sources from whom we could get pretty much everything we needed, from generic stainless steel round bar to irregularly shaped parts such as a concentric reducer or something as precise as a 10mm stainless steel hanger rod. And it is our pleasure to provide this service to you. We've got the contacts and will get whatever you're after.

I Need My Car Exhaust Part Quickly. How Can I Get the Process Started?

Just contact us, either by phone or by using the online form. You can have browse through our catalogue to identify the specific auto exhaust part you're looking for. If you're still not sure, just talk to us about it. We deal with all sorts of queries about all sorts of automotive parts, so we can help you get the right thing. Read Less