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2 Inch Exhaust Clamp Online

Bend Brothers

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2" (51mm) V Band Clamp Kit - 304 Stainless Steel

2" 50.8mm 304ss V Band Exhaust Clamp & Flange kit. Precision Machined Male & Female Grooved Flanges With A High-Quality Stainless Steel Clamp

Product: 2" 304ss V Band Clamp Kit

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Flange: Male & Female Grooved Flange Surfaces For Hassle-Free Instant Alignment 

What You Get: 1x 304ss V band Clamp Kit ( 1x Male Flange, 1x Female Flange, 1x Clamp )  

Why Are These So Good?

  • Precision Machined M/F Grooved Flange Surfaces For Perfect Fit & Seal
  • Ultrasonically Cleaned Ready To Weld Out Of The Packet
  • Perfectly Matched To Any Bend Brothers 304ss Product

The Perfect Exhaust Band Clamp for 2 Inch Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust clamps are an essential element of any car exhaust system and have to comprise the correct components to prevent leaks. Our 2 inch exhaust clamp is specifically designed and precision engineered to fit all exhaust pipes with a two-inch internal diameter and combines perfect functionality with the good looks that your vehicle deserves. Read More

Our V-band kit comprises a V-band clamp and two stainless steel two-inch flanges. The latter are made up of a male and female mating set that are welded to each end of the assembly and then fitted into each other to form the seal. The whole assembly is then completed by tightening the V-band clamp over the join to form a perfect seal that won't leak and will, if anything, become tighter as the metal heats up and expands when in use.

Clamps that are Simple to Fit and Effective in Use

All of Bend Brother's auto exhaust components are designed and manufactured for ease of use and reliability. The precision engineering and high-quality materials mean the components fit perfectly with no need for a gasket to form a perfect seal that doesn't leak. And, with only a single nut to fit and tighten, it's a perfectly simple task to put the 2 inch exhaust clamp in place, then remove and re-install it for servicing and replacement.

The high-grade 304 stainless steel is resistant to corrosion so will continue to work well for years as well as look great and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. The self-sealing clamp requires no expertise to fit and perfect results are assured every time.

Unlike flanges that have been traditionally used to connect exhausts and comprise several nuts, bolts and washers that need to be inserted and tightened, our V-band clamps have only a single nut to complete the job. This can be positioned where it is easiest to access so the attachment and removal of the clamp is much quicker and easier.

High Quality Exhaust Band Clamp (2 Inch) for Best Performance and Looks

Our exhaust band clamps are used in a variety of applications but particularly to attach exhaust pipes securely with no danger of leakage. They're supplied as a complete kit and are made of highest quality 304 grade stainless steel throughout, so they retain their good looks and functionality in even the most extreme conditions.

All our products are built to last, are precision engineered and result from extensive research and development plus quality control testing to ensure the best outcomes. As an auto exhaust supplier specialising in products for the motor sport and performance car markets, you can be sure Bend Brother's band clamp will withstand the roughest use and come through unscathed.

Ease of fitting, reliability in use and a long life without any deterioration are the main features of our exhaust band clamp - be it 2 inch or other dimensions that we sell such as 3 inch exhaust band clamps, 3.5 inch exhaust band clamps and 2.5 inch exhaust clamp. And every single one is made here in Australia so you can be sure it will be completely suitable for your vehicle. It's all backed up by our excellent customer service so you can rest assured that you've made the right choice. Read Less