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3 Inch Exhaust Clamp Online

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3" (76mm) V Band Clamp Kit - 304 Stainless Steel

3" (76mm) 304ss Exhaust V Band Clamp & Flange kit Precision Machined Male & Female Grooved Flanges With A High-Quality Stainless Steel Clamp

Product: 3" 304ss V Band Clamp Kit

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel

3" (76mm) V Band Clamp Kit - 304 Stainless Steel

Flange: Male & Female Grooved Flange Surfaces For Hassle-Free Instant Alignment

What You Get: 1x 304ss V band Clamp Kit ( 1x Male Flange, 1x Female Flange, 1x Clamp )

Why Are These So Good?

  • Precision Machined M/F Grooved Flange Surfaces For Perfect Fit & Seal
  • Ultrasonically Cleaned Ready To Weld Out Of The Packet
  • Perfectly Matched To Any Bend Brothers 304ss Product

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The Best and Most Suitable 3 Inch Exhaust Clamp

Exhaust clamps need to be functional, providing a perfect seal but also being easy to remove and re-fit for servicing. But, if you have a performance car, they also need to look good and that's where our 3 inch exhaust band clamp scores most highly. Read More

Exhausts and their fixings are exposed to the elements and can be subjected to harsh conditions that can cause them to fail. By using our high quality clamps, however, you can guarantee a long life and make servicing your exhaust system as easy as possible.

Using the Most Suitable Type

Exhaust clamps are available in different types. The most common is the U-bolt and it is functional providing it is installed correctly. However, this type of clamp does crimp the pipe sections together, crushing them and making it difficult to remove when servicing or replacing the exhaust. It can also result in leaks if not tightened sufficiently. The problem, therefore, is that if you tighten them too much you can't get them off whereas, if not enough, the join will not be secure and will leak.

Ball and socket arrangements are neither clamps nor flanges but compress the two parts of the pipe, are often fitted to factory installed exhausts and can be easily removed and re-used many times over. They're most often fitted between the catalytic converter and the exhaust manifold but often have two or three bolts to keep them in place so can be fiddly to fit and remove.

Band clamps are strips of steel that wrap around the joint and are often used in high-end systems. They are available as wide clamps for butt joints or narrower clamps that are suitable for slip-fit pipes. Band clamps are relatively cheap, don't damage the pipes and are easily removed and re-installed, which makes them very popular.

When Only the Best Three Inch Exhaust Clamp Will Do

V-bands have now largely surpassed flanges in use because they are much easier to install and remove, don't require gaskets or glue to complete the seal and look great. They also provide a seal that won't leak because their stainless-steel material won't corrode and expands when hot so it tightens the clamp even more.

The V-bands that Bend Brothers supply can cost slightly more but are worth the extra expense because they look great on any vehicle, particularly high-end models. They comprise two rings that are welded to the pipes and a large outer ring that connects them both.

V-bands are widely acknowledged to be the best type of exhaust clamp, providing a seal that doesn't leak and being easily removed and re-installed for servicing with no damage to the pipes. If you have a car you're proud to show off, you will want to use the very best car exhaust parts. These clamps will add to its appeal.

Servicing your exhaust system may not be the most appealing task but it needs to be done to prevent serious damage and high costs to replace the whole system. Our V-band clamps will, however, make the job much easier.

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