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Titanium Hanger Rod - 8mm x .5 Meter

8mm Titanium rod for creating exhaust hangers, bracing or for any time Titanium rod is required

Product: 8mm Titanium Rod

Material: Grade 2 Titanium

Dimensions: 8 Millimeter's x .5 Meter

What you get: .5 Meter of straight Gr2 Titanium rod

Our 8mm Titanium Rod for Strength and Lightness

One of the main aims for performance cars is to keep the weight down because this will help to ensure higher speeds and greater fuel efficiency. Despite this aim, sacrificing strength to achieve weight loss is not practical and will result in the premature failure of components and cause severe problems. Read More

When attaching exhaust systems to the underside of a car, strength and reliability are essential. That's where the use of our 8mm rod made of titanium plays a crucial role because it combines strength with lightness of weight that provide the ideal pairing to meet all objectives.

Flexible and Convenient 8mm Rods for Every Exhaust System

Our 8mm titanium hanger rod comes in a five-metre length so that it can be bent into a variety of twists and shapes to hold your exhaust system or anything else in place, and for bracing, and can be cut to the most convenient size. Paired with a flex hose for exhaust or other components, this allows you to design and construct complete custom exhaust systems for your car, including catalytic converter and muffler.

All our titanium products are made from grade 3 or 4 titanium that won't soften and go out of shape or crack, as some inferior grade 1 material can do, especially when put under the pressure associated with performance vehicles. They're also Australian made so you can be sure they'll work well with any vehicle.

Each hanger rod is ribbed so that any rubber insulators into which it's fitted won't move around and vibration will be kept to the absolute minimum. This ensures a smoother ride as well as the security of knowing your exhaust system won't work loose. These quality hangers like our 8mm rods will ensure there's no excessive movement of the exhaust system so its life is extended, and the effort and expense of regular replacement are avoided. Some inferior hanger rods don't do this, so the hangers slide around within the insulators and don't effectively prevent vibration.

These hanger rods are a perfect complement to the rest of our range of high-quality auto exhaust parts for performance cars. Their design and manufacture mean they can easily replace any factory-fitted hanging rods so you can create a completely bespoke exhaust system.

Improved Performance with Lightweight 8mm Titanium Rod Fittings

Our 8mm titanium rod are extremely strong despite their low weight so that components can be made thinner or of hollow construction without sacrificing strength or reliability. A complete performance car exhaust system, including catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipe and all other components and fixings, can be created with a total weight of no more than five kilogrammes. This, combined with other savings, can make a significant difference to overall performance.

Our extensive research and development, use of high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques combined with exhaustive quality control testing ensure that all Bend Brothers' products are dependable and can be installed and removed easily. Our sales support team can help you create that custom exhaust that delivers assured dependability. So if you want low weight combined with total reliability, our titanium hanger 8mm rods are an effective part of the solution. Read Less