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2 Inch Exhaust Pipe Online

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Now Appearing in the Auto Parts Hall of Fame: the 2 Inch Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe

Remember when car exhaust pipes were grim, unloved parts of the vehicle and the only interesting ones were notable merely for being upright, on trucks and Land Rovers? It would be wrong to say the humble exhaust system has now attained star status, but there is something about a nice two-inch stainless steel exhaust pipe that lends the whole thing a bit of dignity, at least. Read More

The whole exhaust system used to be a bit of an afterthought, with some of the cheap marques fitting flimsy garbage that developed holes after a year or so which had to be patched up with a sort of putty called Gun Gum (which you can still get as it happens). At least you would do that if you wanted to save your NSU Prinz from sounding like an old Norton bike miked up and put through a rock band's PA system.

But no longer, ladies and gentlemen. Times change and with emissions being such a sensitive subject now, auto exhaust parts manufacturers have cleaned up their act. We at Bends Brothers are proud to be able to offer the Australian motorsport community what can truly be described as decentstuff, and one of the leading lights in the whole revitalized panoply is the 2 inch exhaust pipe. That's an appropriate word, actually, panoply, because, in addition to describing a fancy range of things, it has old meanings including weapons and even a full set of armour. And when you think about it, you could do a fair job of defending yourself with a two inch exhaust pipe, stainless steel or otherwise, and you could do a lot of damage by whacking someone over the head with it too.

The 2" Exhaust Pipe as Collector's Item

The two inch stainless exhaust pipe occupies a respectable position in the Bend Brothers auto exhaust supplies catalogue, as you can see for yourself if you flip through the online version. We choose what we sell very carefully and although some items are very humble indeed and not likely to cause excitement when they're unearthed in 500 years' time by an archaeologist who can put a name to it, the fact that they had survived would be an achievement.

"3.5 inch v-band clamp kit, stainless steel", the little label might read, while the big display board with the general information will talk about how this little gem was found in perfect condition "in what looks to have been a car enthusiast's back yard. The 21st century was not known for its long-lasting artefacts," it may explain. "Better than the irresponsible 20th century with its single-use, disposable attitude and built-in obsolescence, but we did find a fine example of a 2 inch stainless steel exhaust pipe."

And it's not just 2 inch stainless exhaust pipes that we sell. We also stock up on other dimensions such as 2.5 inch exhaust pipes, 3 inch stainless steel exhaust pipe...whatever you want we're likely to have it.

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