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2 1/4 Inch Exhaust Clamp Online

Bend Brothers

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2.25" (57mm) V Band Clamp Kit - 304 Stainless Steel

2.25" 57mm 304ss V Band Clamp & Flange kit Precision Machined Male & Female Grooved Flanges With A High-Quality Stainless Steel Clamp

Product: 2.25" 304ss V Band Clamp Kit

Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Flange: Male & Female Grooved Flange Surfaces For Hassle-Free Instant Alignment 

What You Get: 1x 304ss V band Clamp Kit ( 1x Male Flange, 1x Female Flange, 1x Clamp )  

Why Are These So Good?

  • Precision Machined M/F Grooved Flange Surfaces For Perfect Fit & Seal
  • Ultrasonically Cleaned Ready To Weld Out Of The Packet
  • Perfectly Matched To Any Bend Brothers 304ss Product

The Perfect Way to Fit your Exhaust System with a 2¼ Inch Exhaust Clamp

Fitting a 2.25 inch exhaust clamp isn't the most glamorous task but it is something you have to do properly if you don't want your exhaust system to come adrift. You also need to make sure the band clamp you fit is free of leaks, resistant to corrosion, easy to fit, remove and re-install and adds to the attraction of your car. Read More

Our exhaust clamp does all that and more, and at a very competitive price. The complete kit we provide is precision engineered to fit an exhaust pipe with a 2½ inch internal diameter so will slip on easily but with no excess movement.

Practical and Effective 2.25 Inch Exhaust Clamps from Bend Brothers

There is a range of solutions when fitting your auto exhaust supplies to your vehicle. However, cheap options will often not work well or for very long, imports may not be suitable and some products may just be too difficult to use to be practical. That's why our V-band exhaust clamps, made right here in Australia, are the best and most suitable ones for the job.

The various solutions include U-bolts that are very common in use but tend to crimp the pipe sections so tightly that they damage the pipes, make them difficult to remove and so often can't be re-used. Ball and socket solutions are much better since they're removable and re-usable but can comprise multiple bolts that can be difficult to fit, tighten and release in a tight space. Bands are often the best choice because they're reliable, don't damage the pipes, are relatively inexpensive and can be easily removed and re-installed many times over. Best of all are our V-band clamps because they form a completely leak-free seal and have a single tightening nut so they're easiest of all to fit, remove and re-install.

2¼Inch Exhaust Clamp: The Best Solution of All

An ill-fitting exhaust clamp that leaks and doesn't last long isn't what you want for your performance car. Even worse if it's difficult to install or remove, damages your exhaust pipes and doesn't look good. You'll get none of that with our 2.25 inch exhaust clamp that is designed and manufactured to look good, work well for long periods even with rough use and be as easy as possible to fit and remove for simple maintenance. Each clamp we sell at Bend Brothers is made from 304 grade stainless steel that doesn't corrode in even the harshest of conditions and so will continue to look good and work well with no deterioration in performance or appearance.

You simply need to weld the two inter-locking rings to each section of the exhaust pipe, push the two sections together and lock them tightly in place with a clamp ring using the single nut that you can position for ease of access. Because they fit so well, there's no requirement for a gasket or glue to complete the seal, as there is with some other solutions. It couldn't be easier and, although it won't make the task any more glamorous, it will no longer be something you hate to do.

And let's just say 2¼ inch exhaust clamp isn't fitting well. It might be too small or too big. Not to worry, because Bend Brothers also stock and sell other dimensions, namely -

Everything is right here where you need it.Read Less